8 no-bull reasons why SQL Server on Linux is huge for Microsoft

Pigs sure did sprout wings yesterday when Microsoft announced, without warning or preface, that it was doing the previously unthinkable: producing a version of SQL Server for Linux.

This shakeup has implications for things far beyond SQL Server. Here are eight insights into why this matters — for Microsoft, its customers, and the rest of the Linux- and cloud-powered world.

1. This is huge

The facts alone are seismic. Microsoft has for the first time issued one of its server products on a platform other than Windows Server.

You wanted proof Microsoft is a very different company now than it was even two or three years ago? Here it is. Under Steve Ballmer’s “Linux is cancer” reign, the most Microsoft could muster was a grudging admission of Linux’s existence. Now there’s the sense that Linux is a crucial part of Microsoft’s future and a vital component in its continued survival and success. Definitely not Dad’s Microsoft.

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