IDG Contributor Network: OVH—The biggest cloud vendor no one has heard of

At the OpenStack Summit in Austin recently, one of the companies invited to keynote on the first day was a cloud, hosting and services vendor from France, OVH. Like most of the people in the room, the name OVH raised my eyebrows. I’ve been covering the cloud world since it existed, and I’d never come across the company. Maybe they were a new startup or something?

It turns out that, far from being a new startup, OVH is a mature and expansive vendor. It’s just that they’re primarily involved in Europe in general, and France in particular. That looks set to change, however, and I took the opportunity to sit down with Pascal Jaillon from OVH to hear what the company is up to. The OVH product line spans traditional hosting, hosted Microsoft Exchange, domain name provisioning, and, of course, cloud.

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